He Can Do the Impossible! – Noelle Bonnette

He can do the impossible…

Before our third son was born, our family went on vacation to Destin, Florida. After putting the boys to sleep, my husband and I sat on the patio listening to the waves. When we decided to go back inside, it was to our surprise the patio door was locked. I pulled and pulled on the door, but it would not open. My husband tried too, but it still would not open. I went to the front of the condo to knock on the window to wake up my sons. However, after a day playing in the ocean the boys were fast asleep and would not budge.

Worry started to set in. I called the emergency phone number for the management company, but the representative said it would be over an hour before someone would arrive.

I recently heard a sermon on how God can open doors. I decided to take it literally. I prayed, “Lord, I know you can do the impossible, and this door is my impossible. I am here knocking, please open it.” I tried the door again, and it slid open. I yelled to my husband the door was open. God opened the door!

God not only opened the condo door that night. He opened the door to trust Him and believe His Word. God spoke to me through an unlocked door to always remember that He can do the impossible!

God greets us every day with the opportunity to trust Him. Some opportunities are through impossible situations and others through simple acts of obedience. Some opportunities are small,  and some seem insurmountable. But as we learn to trust Him more deeply, we discover His love, mercy, and grace more deeply.

Do you believe God is faithful and trustworthy to do the impossible?