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Cindy Nick


Cindy Nick realized as a 5th Grader that God had created her to teach. As a former Tyler ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year, nationally award-winning dance instructor and former women’s ministry director, she has been educating, inspiring and mentoring teachers, students and women for the past 40 years.


Topic: The Armor of God- A Warrior Woman’s Wardrobe


Are you staring at your spiritual closet, filled with a designer wardrobe, divinely created by the ONE who created YOU, but you have absolutely no idea how to wear it? Sister- you are not alone. We could all use some wardrobe advice now and then and guess what? The Apostle Paul is just the person for the job! Fashion trends may come and go, but the advice Paul gives us in Ephesians 6:10-18 will never go out of style.  Put on the Full Armor of God and become the Warrior Woman God created you to be!

Dr. Ijeoma “EJ” Unegbu


Dr. Unegbu, is a long-time college educator, and originally from Nigeria. Outside of full-time work, she enjoys cooking, gardening, word puzzles, reading, and walks. She is a member of Rose Heights Church, and resides in Tyler with her beloved husband, Robert and their three children.


Topic: Rooted by God: Soiled but Clean


In a world full of many ideas and doctrines that may be well intentioned, an important litmus test for the believer, is if adoption of man’s ideas comes at the exclusion of God’s statutes and risks the compromise of one’s Christian walk. This session will provide some examples from God’s Word to show the impact of staying rooted in Christ, and the risk that comes with wandering with the world.

Sheron Bayonne


I have been a member here at Rose Heights for three years and have enjoyed every moment being here.  I am thankful to serve in the Women’s Ministry and on the worship team. I have been singing since I was eight years old.  A church musician saw a gift in me I didn’t even know I had. One Sunday, I was singing and the Lord filled me with the Holy Spirit in the middle of a song and I have never been the same. I’ve been married to my husband, Joe for 33 years. I have four children and four grandchildren.  I also have the best mom, Ms Ruby and I’m the eldest of three children. I love taking road trips and seeing the beauty of God’s creation.


Topic: Pressing Through in Faith


Romans 12:12 Reminds us to “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  Every step we “Press” forward through our issues, through our struggles, our fears, is one step closer to our VICTORY!  God has made us Women of Resilience for His purpose, plan and glory!

Susan Anderson


Susan has been part of the Rose Heights ministry for just over 10 years. She lived most of her life in Sydney, Australia until she met her husband, Reece, who is Tyler native. They decided to leave Sydney and move to Tyler in 2009. Susan and Reece have been married for 13 years and have two beautiful children. Their daughter, Sydney is nine years old and their son, Lachlan is five.


Topic: When God Reveals Your Hidden Insecurities


2020 has presented challenges beyond our control, and has forced most everyone out of their comfort zone. But it is often in these seasons of discomfort that God begins to reveal the hidden insecurities within us that limit our God given potential. The good news? The Word has already given us the tools to overcome these insecurities. This breakout session will explore some of our most common insecurities, their derivative root fears and provide practical ways to overcome them.

Julie Townsend


Julie was raised in Tyler, Texas and after graduating college moved to Hilo, Hawaii to work in a church. There she met her husband of almost 17 years, Allen.  They have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters: Addison (11) and Olivia (6). After almost 14 years of ministry in Hawaii, she and her family returned to Tyler and joined the pastoral staff at Rose Heights in 2016.


Topic: Resilient: A Deeper Life


If we have learned anything this past year, we have learned that difficulties will come. But in order to withstand the storms of this life, we must build our life on a firm foundation. That firm foundation is Jesus Christ. In this breakout session you will learn how to have a resilient life and how to allow the storm to DEFINE you, not defeat you!

Chastity Kizer


Chastity Kizer leads worships along side her husband Brandon, who has been the Worship Pastor at Rose Heights for almost 9 years. She and Brandon have been married for 14 years and have 3 beautiful children. Two daughters, Zion 11, Eden 8 and a son Canaan who is 5. Chastity enjoys being active; running and riding her bike. She also loves spending time with friends and family especially over coffee or brunch!


Topic: Resilient: Stretching for your dream


Do you feel like God has given you a dream or a purpose? He Has! Sometimes our situations and the trials we walk through though, make that dream look like its resting in the distance and never going to happen. But what if it’s all a part of Gods plan for you? In this breakout session we are going to look at the resilience of Joseph. God gave him a dream but he ended up a slave. He still fullfilled Gods purpose for him despite all the hardship he went though.

Shannon Stevenson


Shannon Stevenson attended Abilene Christian University and Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary where she studied Greek and Theology. She has been married to her husband, Randy for forty years and together they have two adult children and a daughter-in-love. Shannon has taught at her home church, led Bible Study Fellowship groups, and has been the keynote speaker for several women’s conferences. Shannon is passionate about seeing people walk in the full freedom that is theirs through Christ.


Topic: Resilient: Driving out Fear – Living Loved


“For the thing I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me.” Job 3:25. Have you ever been gripped by fear or dread as Job was? Is worry, stress or anxiety part of your daily life? In this session, we will expose what fear is, identify three different kinds of fear and learn the antidote to driving fear out.

Robin Adams


Robin’s life journey has led her to a place of desire and passion to live with both hands and heart opened to God. Robin grew up in a non-christian home filled with the challenges of poverty, shame and ravages of sin at a very early age. She came to know Jesus as a young girl due to a loving neighbor woman who invited her and her family to church. Robin has been married to her husband, David for 40 years and have two children, Jacob and Katie.


Topic: Ordained  Interruptions; Allowing God to make a message out of our messes


Allowing God to use our painful and shame-filled areas we think are unredeemable to springboard us into something only God could. What is God calling us to do or permitting into our life that is not in our plan? This session looks at how God’s interruptions/interventions cause us revise our plans and keep us from self-destructive patterns.

Amy Wooten


Topic: Beautifully Resilient: A Personal Journey


Sometimes the most powerful tool to testify of God’s goodness is our very own story. In this bonus session, Amy shares her  personal journey of how she found strength and hope through Christ during the toughest seasons of her life. Amy’s story is such an inspiring example of what it means to become beautifully resilient.