FEBRUARY 24-25, 2022

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

1 Timothy 1:7




4:30-6:30 PM: Welcome Party (Food vendors onsite for food purchases)


6:30 PM: Preservice fun and give-a-ways


7:00 PM: General Session



8:30-9:30 AM: Breakfast Bash (Breakfast provided)


9:30 AM: Preservice fun and give-a-ways


10:00 AM: General session


Lisa Bevere has spent over three decades empowering women of all ages to find their identity and purpose. She is a New York Times bestselling author and internationally known minister.. Her books, which includeWithout Rival, Godmothers, Girls with Swords, Lioness Arising, Strong, and her recent devo Fiercely Loved, are in the hands of millions worldwide. Lisa and her husband, John, co-founded Messenger International, an organization committed to developing uncompromising followers of Christ who transform their world. Messenger International has given away nearly 50 million resources in 116 languages.


Lori Anderson

Look at what the Lord has done!

In this session, I will share my personal testimony of God’s restoration in my life. I’m continually amazed at His compassionate grace, faithfulness, and patience which have led me to grow into a brave woman of faith. I want to encourage you to trust God’s plan for your life so that you too can live in a place of peace, confidence, boldness, and bravery!

About Lori

Greetings! My name is Lori Anderson. The first thing that I would have you to know about me is that I treasure my relationship with the Lord! Second to that, I love spending time with my wonderful husband Jeff, and all of our awesome family which includes five fabulous grandchildren who know me as Grammi. As a retired public school administrator, I now fill my days with family care and activities, traveling with Jeff, reading, cooking, and enjoying a variety of physical fitness activities.

Heather Allen

Deep Waters

On their journey, learning what it looked like to follow Jesus, a group of men found themselves in a desperate situation. On the waters, far from land, a strong wind had risen. Are you in that position? Far from land? The strong winds have risen and you are doing everything in your power to fight back the heavy waves? Jesus says to you today, “Don’t be afraid, take courage, I am here.” Join me as we unpack the scriptures that will encourage our hearts to be brave…and Step out!

About Heather

It is a privilege to share a word of encouragement with you in 2023. My husband Wayne and I have been married for almost 25 years and have three children together. Family is very important to us. At Rose Heights Church, we spend our time loving on the babies. When we aren’t in the nursery, you may find me sharing the love of Jesus with women and children here and in Uganda. With expectancy, it is our prayer that Refresh 2023 ignites our hearts.

Sarah Westbrook

Transformed by Pain

In this session, I will cover how to use your circumstance of pain, trial, or testing for deep transformation. We will explore how God uses it to reap a harvest of righteousness in you.

About Sarah

I’m Sarah Westbrook, wife of the Lindale Rose Heights campus pastor. I homeschool our 4 children and I am apart of the Lindale Rose Heights worship team, children’s ministry and women’s Refresh ministry.

Chandra Hill

Being Brave through Grief

We have all experienced grief in some form and time in our lives. God is near to the brokenhearted and He wants us to be brave and trust Him through our loss and times of sorrow. In the midst of it all, He wants us to be free from sin, fear, and death. We will discuss what it means to be brave in and through grief and what that may look like in your life. I look forward to sharing my personal experiences in hopes they will help you through your experiences along the way.

About Chandra

Greetings! My name is Chandra Taylor and I welcome you to this session. My prayer is that God will speak to our hearts through the words spoken here. I have been a resident of Tyler, TX for 5 years. I joined Rose Heights Church in January 2018 and I have served on the Worship Team and been involved in the Women’s Ministry since that time. I currently serve on the Worship Team at our Lindale campus.

Heather Simmons

Be a Noah

In this session, I will be talking about a place of brave obedience and what that looks like in my own life, and how God has taught me through my hard season to rely on him.

About Heather

Hello ladies, my name is Heather Simmons. I am a mom of 4 amazing kids! I am a Program Director for a nonprofit called Shine. We help in bringing community to women. I also teach a Bible study and love to write.

Krystle Cocchio

Wavewalker: The courage to Trust God in the Difficult Seasons

After being born again as an adult, Krystle has felt called to share the hope found in trusting God, but for her life, this has meant allowing God to lead her through some difficult and painful trials. Yet, despite it all, she has come to see how God’s glory often shines brightest in the darkness and wants to encourage others that no matter the obstacle, it can always be viewed through the hopeful lens of faith.

About Krystle

Krystle and her husband of almost 13 years currently reside in Tyler Texas where they are raising their two beautiful children and rescue dogs. When Krystle isn’t spending time with her family, she can be found writing with a large cup of coffee at her side, building something in her workshop, or baking cookies for strangers.

Christine Eleogo Flowers

Living Fearless in a Changing Culture

Without a doubt, our world is continuously changing for the better or worst. There are many opportunities for fear to paralyze and prevent us from living out God’s plan for our lives…BUT, God has called us to be fearless to live out our faith in a continuously changing world. In this breakout session, I want to share 3 things with you that will help us be all that God has called us to be.

About Christine

Christine, a second-generation filipina born and raised in small-town Bay Minette, Alabama, has now been a Tyler native for about 2 years! She has worked in youth ministry alongside her husband, Caleb Flowers, for 8 years, pastoring teenagers with a vision to see the young people thrive as the church of today. Christine is also part of Rose Heights Worship Team and is over Connect Youth Worship. She and Caleb are currently over the Connect Youth ministry in Rose Heights Tyler campus.

Cheneil Torbert

Brave Enough To Say No (So We Always Have Space For Gods Best)

Does every moment of your day feel completely packed? Does your plate feel extra full? You are certainly not alone friend…..We ALL want to live a purpose-filled life. We want to make the moments count. But what happens when every day we wake up we know there’s too much on our plates…boundaries are being broken, precious moments are being missed, priorities are no longer priorities, peace is gone, there’s no energy for joy, and life just doesn’t seem right…It’s time to be Brave Enough To Say No!

About Cheneil

Hey Yall! My Name is Cheneil Torbert. Im a Beloved Champion of the Lord, a wife of 18 yrs and a mom of two young boys. Native East Texan, lover of all things outdoors and adventurous. I am passionate about health and wholeness and advancing the Kingdom of God by walking with God’s people to more freedom through Christ.